Please Note: All the ingredients within our kits are of the highest purity & ACS Certified - being sourced from an ISO 9001:2000 accredited company. Our MMS product contains a solution of 22.4% food grade Sodium Chlorite Solution. Our kit includes 1 bottle of 22.4% Sodium Chlorite Solution (125ml), & 1 bottle of 4% HCL Activator Solution & is used in a 1:1 ratio as per the latest MMS protocols.

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Jumbo Pack

MMS Supplement - Jumbo Kit (5 Bottles)

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double pack

MMS Supplement - Economy Kit (2 Bottle Kit)

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Single Pack

MMS Supplement - Beginner Kit

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MMS 5 Kit + DMSO

MMS Supplement - Jumbo Kit + DMSO

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MMS 2 Bottle Kit + DMSO

MMS Supplement - Double Kit + DMSO

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MMS 1 Bottle Kit + DMSO

MMS Supplement - Single Kit + DMSO

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The chlorine dioxide molecule has been shown to destroy bacteria, fungi, molds, yeast, viruses & parasites. Viruses are killed via a different mechanism than with everything else. How it does this is by preventing the formation of special proteins that are necessary for viral growth - thus effectively destroying the viral structure.

It has also been shown that the chlorine dioxide molecule oxidizes heavy metals from organic tissue. Oxidation is not the same as chelation - though the end result is the same. When a heavy metal is in fact oxidized, it it rendered harmless & simply flushes away.

Chlorine dioxide has been used in municipal water supplies for going on 6 decades now - the reason being is that it works, & works well. It is particularly stable in water & unless open to the atmosphere will remain active for some time - hence the perfect compound to add to our drinking water. There is considerable confusion out there regarding chlorine dioxide & the element chlorine - both are VERY different compounds & work in entirely different ways. For more information please visit our frequently asked questions page as this will be explained in greater depth.

It may interest you to know that sodium chlorite has been sold in health food shops for close to 80 years under the name as liquid oxygen - or stabilized oxygen. Sodium chlorite is found in nature in its mineral state - though normally it is cheaper to manufacture it rather than have it mined. Liquid oxygen (sodium chlorite) has been used by itself to make water potable - as it will liberate small amounts of the active chlorine dioxide. When sodium chlorite is mixed with an appropriate acid (such as a weak solution of HCL), then there will be a MUCH greater amount of the highly active chlorine dioxide compound.

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