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What is MMS - how similar is it to chlorine?

It may interest you to know that regular chlorine & the much maligned chlorine dioxide have very littleChlorine Dioxide Molecule - Lethal To Most Forms of Parasites, Bacteria & Viruses... in common. The chlorine molecule is one of the most abundant elements in nature, & is always seeking to bind with other elements - hence why it is found in salt compounds primarily (table salt being perhaps the best example). Chlorine is needed for life, but generally when bound in a salt compound - not as the element itself.

On the other hand, chlorine dioxide is a molecule composed of one chlorine ion & two oxygen ions firmly bound together.

Although both chlorine dioxide & chlorine share the element chlorine in their chemical composition, this is perhaps the ONLY quality they share! Both of these compounds are strong oxidizers, but the way in which they do this is vastly different! The chlorine molecule is indiscriminate in its destruction of tissue, & will kill effectively anything it comes in touch with. Chlorine dioxide on the other hand, has the amazing ability to remove electrons selectively from diseased tissue & pathogenic stressors.

Chlorine dioxide has been certified fo close to 3 decades by the EPA, as this molecule has the ability to safely & effectively destroy dangerous pathogenic organisms. Even the deadly anthrax is no match for the potent chlorine dioxide molecule! 

The Miracle Mineral Supplement is standardized in a 28% solution of sodium chlorite, stabilized within a distilled water base. This product has been used by close to 6 decades by numerous water boards around the world to effectively treat municipal water.

The Chlorine Molecule


Chlorine is a chemical element with the symbol being Cl with an atomic number of 17. This element exists as a yellow / green gas under typical conditions, where it forms diatomic molecules. Elemental chlorine is commercially used for bleaching & disinfectent purposes, whilst being an important reagent in the chemical industry.

The Chlorine Dioxide Molecule


Chlorine Dioxide has an odd number of valence electrons, & has a chemical symbol of ClO2. This molecule also exists as a yellow / green gas - but this is where the similarities end. This molecule is an oxidizing agent that readily accepts electrons - known as "electron donors". This is an important distinction to understand, as virtually ALL pathogenic stressors & diseased tissue are effectively destroyed - whilst healthy tissue & cellular structures within the body are entirely spared.


What are your payment methods? 

All of our products within this website can be purchased via paypal, which provides the option to use either one's paypal account, or otherwise the credit card provision - whatever is more convenient.


Is Paypal a Secure Method to Make a Payment?
Paypal is in fact the MOST used online payment gateway in the world - & is also considered the safest as well. Paypal provides constantly updated security functions, & this is perhaps the primary reason why now more than 30 million people the world over preferentially use paypal.
How is my MMS Package Shipped? 

Your MMS package is shipped out immediently after we receive payment - either on the same day or early the next. Orders will generally be received very promtly after placing the order. Please be sure to make sure your postal / shipping information is correct so as to not delay the arrival of your product.


Do you Provide a money back guarantee? 
Yes, we certainly do! If for any reason you would like to return the MMS product, within a period of 14 days - then just let us know via email & we will provide shipping details for you. Again, it is best to contact us PRIOR to returning the package - thus enabling us to provide a full refund to you ASAP.

Note: The responsibility of postage and handling is the burden of the purchasee.

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