Jim HumbleJim Humble

"I'm the inventor of MMS, a solution that releases small amounts of the most effective germicide known to man in the human body, yet it is totally incapable of causing damage to the body.It is known through out the world as chlorine dioxide". J. Humble

The man behind Miracle Mineral Supplement

The man behind the miracle mineral supplement is Jim Humble - the man who discovered this potent pathogen killer & brought it into the world. Whilst prospecting for minerals deep in the jungles of South America with his prospecting team, one of his colleagues was infected with the one of the MOST deadly forms of Malaria - the variety that kills within hours if no medical intervention is possible.

Even though help had been called in, it was going to be too late by the time of arrival - so in a last ditched attempt to bring about some relief was for Jim to treat the individual with some of his own water purification drops (a weak solution of sodium chlorite solution) that Jim had been using for years whilst on expedition to make questionable water potable. To everyone's amazement, the stricken man was sitting about laughing about the deadly experience just hours before!

Upon returning to the States, Jim was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery - resulting in the fine tuning of the MMS solution over the next several years. When Jim was confident that he had finally cracked the best possible formulation, he went abroad to Africa in order to test his findings against the Malaria parasite - with there being no better place to do this than in Africa!

Important Update: View a revealing video in HD in relation to the MMS product being used in a large cooperative programme with the Red Cross in Africa in 2012 that conclusively proved the efficacy of chlorine dioxide against the Malaria parasite.Watch the full video here...

Jim personally treated over 2000 people himself, and another 75,000 people via his missionaries that he personally trained.

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Even though we know Jim Humble as the man responsible for the discovery of the Miracle Mineral Supplement - he in fact begun his carreer a long time back in the aerospace industry, in which he decided upon becoming a research engineer. Although he speaks of this rarely, Jim worked on lunar vehicles, worked on the first intercontinental missiles, set up experiments for atomic bombs, wrote instruction manuals for the  first vacuum tune computers - & completely wired up the first device controlled bt computers at the famous Hughes Aircraft company. Guess what else - he also invented the first automatic garage door!

But if you speak with Jim, he will tell you that his most cherished accomplishment has been with bringing the MMS product into the world. Jim has just recently published a book on all of his experiences with this product, & details every aspect along the way that may assist the end user in understanding this potent chlorine dioxide molecule & how best to use it. Chapter 22 has been completely written by a doctor named Dr Hesselink, listing over 160 scientific papers and describing more than 100,000 scientific tests that have been conducted with the same formulation that Jim still recommends to this day.

It is important to note that Jim's background is heavily scientific, in which he really brings to the fore when dealing with this product. He makes the information easily understood by even the MOST unscientific of us out there!

Mr Humble has also written 4 books outlining how best to update old technologies - primarily showing how to reduce the risk of chemical exposure when removing minerals from ore. On top of this, Jim also stumbled upon a technique that allows mercury to be made obsolete within the gold recovery process!

These are but some of Jim's impressive achievements over the years, but as he has said many times "my most important discovery yet Jim's Book...has been how to eradicate the dreaded Malaria parasite from the lives of many who are currently suffering this beastly condition".

Please note: Jim has not benefited from the proceeds of the selling of this product, & his relationship with the MMS product has been entirely altruistic in nature. He long ago gave away any interests in making money from his discovery - but instead has attempted to get as much awareness behind the movement as possible so as to spread the word as far & wide as possible before the regulatory bodies come in & try to shut down the product for good.

The video below is a full length interview that outlines all that has already been mentioned above, & how MMS has been used to treat the Malaria parasite.