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Miracle Mineral Supplement - chorine dioxide

MMS has helped cure more than 75,000 people in Africa so far...

The Chlorine Dioxide Molecule has proven Deadly to the Malaria Parasite

Over 75,000 people have been treated sucessfully against the Malaria parasite by specially trained missionaries in Africa, with over 2000 people having been administered by Jim Humble himself. The girl below in the picture is just one among many success stories - but unfortunately there are still many who are not so fortunate. This is a blood borne infection caused by the parasite called Plasodium, in which there are four species of this organism that infect humans. Around 311 million new infections are recorded world wide each year, with about 900,000 deaths resulting from this deadly parasite.

As most of us know, the parasite is transmitted to humans by being bitten by an infected mosquito, in which the parasites multiply in the blood & primarily the liver. Traditionally there is not much that can beFamily MMS has Helped done with modern medicine (as the Malaria parasite has been adapting to the medical treatments), with around 10% of infections resulting in death.

It is interesting to note that the Malaria paraiste is responsible for more deaths each year than if you were to combine ALL deaths from other diseases combined!

Family MMS has Helped

At the bottom of this page there is a video released from a recent programme involving the Red Cross who in fact agreed to trial the MMS product in Uganda in December just gone. What you should know is that according to information published from the clinic is that virtually 100% of those who participated were free of the Malaria parasite. Unfortunately, the Red Cross distanced themselves soon afterwards - claiming it to be not true! A MUST watch for anyone in my opinion!

The three videos below will show you real life results from people who have used the MMS product. Both are worth checking out & watching...

The video below is put together by a medical doctor speaking about the MMS Supplement & his personal experiences with using it over the years - all of which have been enormously positive in nature. This doctor has been using the product in his practice for years, & goes into detail about some of his experiences with using this product within his practise.

This video clip is about a young girl in the process of recovery from the Malaria parasite in a hospital in Africa. Generally without swift intervention complications can quickly follow - often resulting in permanant damage to the body. Needless to say, the little girl fully recovered within only days!

This video below shows documents the Red Cross using the MMS product in the fight against Malaria in Uganda in December 12th. Very amazing stuff really considering that millions of people STILL die of this parasite yearly! What is even more amazing is that the Red Cross denied having ANYTHING to do with the programme afterwards - claiming that in fact they were not even there & the results of the study were falsified. Hard to believe that such things are happening out there with so many people still dying from this deadly disease.