Sodium Chlorite for Those Who Need an Extra Boost to Healthy Living

While Sodium chlorite is popularly marketed both for consumer uses and industries uses, many claims have also been made for the use of sodium chlorite in health applications.

There are many ways people can try to keep their bodies healthy and free from sicknesses, such as doing regular exercises, choosing a healthier diet, avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking and tobacco intake. Strictly following these healthy habits, can help keep your body strong and healthy and make you feel your best. Sodium chlorite claims to provide an extra protective shield to protect the body by eliminating hazardous pathogens and preventing them from attacking the body, hence promoting healthy living.

Sodium Chlorite Uses

Generally, most consumers get sodium chlorite for the purpose of treating and purifying water, sanitizing surface areas of food preparation, and as an antimicrobial for treating food products, especially seafood. The sodium chlorite is used in very little concentrations for these purposes.

Larger concentrations of sodium chlorite are mainly used for industrial purposes. This includes shedding and bleaching of pulp, paper, and textiles and also used as a sterilizing agent in water treatment plants.

Sodium chlorite is also been promoted as an effective wate samitiser, like the chlorine Dioxide, for treatment for several sicknesses including most water borne pathogenic stressors.

The Sodium chlorite  works to give an extra boost to your body protective mechanism, by helping it fight off germs, bacteria, fungal diseases, and viruses. This helps keeps your body strong and residents to all kinds of infections and sickness.

The best benefit of Sodium chlorite MMS supplement is that it has the ability to target more than one condition in the body. By introducing a small dosage of sodium chlorite into your daily life, you give your body a chance to heal and maintain its optimum level, which as a result help you feel your best.

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5 Reasons why Using Chlorine Dioxide is Beneficial

Chlorine dioxide is an incredible sanitizer that is recently receiving great attention as food processors seek for efficacious products to sanitize their products. Chlorine dioxide is powerful enough to eliminate harmful pathogens in food plants and fight biofilms that develop on food-contact surfaces and equipment while doing minimal harm to the environment.

There are several factors that make chlorine dioxide solution or tablets a powerhouse sanitizer.

  1. Chlorine dioxide has oxidizing ability 2.6 times the waterborne chlorine, as a result providing a wide range of sanitizing usages and making it extremely effective against bugs and other harmful organisms.
  2. Chlorine dioxide has been registered with EPA and is also labeled as an excellent fungicide, bactericide, and antimicrobial agent. A proper guideline has also been passed for the use of Chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant and sanitizing food-contact surface.
  3. Chlorine dioxide is also considered as one of the most effective tools for diffusing biofilms and obstructing the formation of biofilms in some cases. Biofilm is a coating that harbors and protects bacteria colonies making it more difficult to disinfect and eradicate those bacteria.
  4. Chlorine dioxide is also effective in control odor, sanitation, and purifying water applications.
  5. Unlike chlorine bleach, which produces hazardous trihalomethanes that get a wash down and deposited in the environment. Chlorine dioxide, on the other hand, donates oxygen and breaks down to the water, and common table salt. Making it less corrosive for equipment and the environment.

Besides these, chlorine dioxide tablets have been used for therapeutic purposes. The chlorine dioxide tablets in this product has been marketed as a water purifier. This product claims to help eliminated bacteria, germs, and viruses in the body that are hazardous to health. By eliminating all harmful pathogens, it helps individuals retain their healthy body.

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