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MMS Videos

Video #1

This video below shows documents the Red Cross using the MMS product in the fight against Malaria in Uganda in December 12th. Very amazing stuff really considering that millions of people STILL die of this parasite yearly!

Video #2

Adam Abraham speaks about a fairly recent documentary he has created & produced that is all about the Miracle Mineral Solution. Adam is known publically, as he runs his own radio station - who has featured many well known gusests over the years. Certainly worth a watch...

Video #3

Below you will see Jim Humble giving an intervie about his most recent book - in of which he has outlined all he knows about the MMS product, & how best to use it. This clip also includes many small snippets from other longer videos he has featured in. Be sure to have a look!...

Video #4

Below is a short clip of Jim Humble visiting an exhibition in Mexico that featured an MMS display - which illustrates just how popular this product has become! The second part of the video features a young mother & her testimonial about her experience with the MMS product. What was particularly noteworthy is that her baby's serious infection was resolved within 15 minutes of using the MMS product.