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Video #1

This video below shows documents the Red Cross using the MMS product in the fight against Malaria in Uganda on the 12th of December. Very amazing stuff really considering that millions of people STILL die of this parasite yearly! It is amazing to note that the Malaria parasite is in fact VERY sensitive to the chlorine dioxide compound - be sure to have  watch of the video below as it is educational in nature & you will be sure to learn a little about the Malaria parasite also.

Video #2

Adam Abraham speaks about a fairly recent documentary he has created & produced that is all about the Miracle Mineral Solution. Adam is known publicly, as he runs his own radio station - who has featured many well known guests over the years. In 2007 Adam began a radio show called "Talk for Food", which gave him a reason to reach out & connect with people that are doing amazing things. This product  is one that he feels very strongly about, as he feels it will help humanity as it is a simple product that is not out of the reach of anyone out there. Certainly worth a watch...

# Video 3

Below is the video that really kicked off the whole MMS movement -  it is a full length interview with Kerry Cassidy from perhaps 13 years ago. If you are not familiar with how it all began, Jim Humble at one stage was working for a mining company. On one of the research expeditions deep within the Jungle's of a particular country rich in gold, 3 of the engineers fell ill with malaria - in fact one of the most deadly forms of this illness. As they were days away from any medical intervention there was very little that could be done except sit tight & wait for help to arrive. Whilst waiting Jim decided to look after them as best he could. He would make the forest water potable by adding sodium chlorite to it - which is commonly known as liquid oxygen (& has long been an effective way to make water safe prior to consuming it). Within hours of giving the stricken men the water treated with sodium chlorite to drink - he noticed marked improvement in their condition. Needless to say that upon his return to the USA he decided to look into this compound in much more depth - & the rest is history! It is a long video but well worth the time if you have it.